Notre équipe


Maik Gruba
Managing Director

Marianne Bieri-Oppliger
Head of Marketing & Purchasing

Catherine Bouaouina 
Team Manager Operations

Martine Lincker
Head of Sales

Sandro Rovito
Team Manager Backoffice

Yasemin Özalp
Manager Controlling and Business Analysis

Britta Grupe
Management Assistant


Taïna Fagard-Cau
Commerciale Sud-Est

David Dufourt
Commercial - Sud-Ouest

Kevin Camusel
Commercial - Hauts de France et Belgique

Marie-Claude Cé Lubcke
Commerciale Paris IDF


Valy Pflieger
Operations Agent

Laetitia Stoecklen
Operations Agent


Silvio Saluz
Backoffice Agent

Nicole Dickbrenner
Backoffice Agent

Tatjana Kobus
Backoffice Agent


Huyen Dinh
Marketing Specialist

Deborah Lyoth
Stagiaire Marketing 

Business Development

Elodie Grippon
Business Development Manager